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Wearing Out Wearables: Failing to Deliver on Healthcare Promises

The “wearables” buzzword has been floating around the healthcare technology ecosystem for decades, and the consumer market for these devices has grown rapidly over the past several years. However, despite the 325M that are currently active globally, wearables have not lived up to their potential in driving improvement in patient care.

Chronic Disease Management: Tech’s Role in Fighting Diabetes

Value-based care models are often successful because they do many of the little things right rather than just one big thing. As such, I wanted to explore some of the foundations of population health strategies, and I decided to begin my research with one of the most prolific chronic diseases facing our society: Diabetes.

Deep Dive: Addressing Social Determinants for a Better Tomorrow

I attempt to provide an overview of social determinants of health, the impact they have on health outcomes, how we have attempted to address them in both the public and private spheres, and the role technology can play going forward.